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29 December 2012 @ 03:13 pm
Kiss For Luck
Title: One for Luck
Characters: Ron, Hermione, Trevor  
Genres: Romantic/Comedy/Missing Moment/Fanfiction
Warning: Part of a wider universe! 
Summary: The night before the second task, Hermione and Ron were taken away by the twins: but what happened next? 

Title A Second for Luck
Characters Ron, Hermione, Harry 
Genres Romantic/Comedy/Missing Moment/Fanfiction
Warning Part of a wider universe! 
Summary The events that led Hermione to kiss Ron before his first Quidditch match. 
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27 April 2011 @ 04:08 pm
Title: Don’t Wait Forever
Author: wickedlywitchy
Prompt: Molly
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1510
Warnings: Ron-esque swearing is a must.
Author's Notes: My attempt at writing based on a prompt from the lovely folks at accio_rhr that immediately inspired me. I hope it turned out well. My second fanfic and sadly unbetad so please consider any mistakes to be due to my English not being my native language. Enjoy!
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06 March 2011 @ 11:46 am
This week's prompt is: Molly

Remember you can always use past prompts in your fics. They can be found here:
Prompt suggestions can be made here:
20 July 2009 @ 02:48 pm
Title: Secrets & Jealousy
Author: thenarnianqueen
Prompt: Half-Blood Prince
Words: 579
Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Characters: Ron, Hermione and Lavender. R/Hr, R/L.
Author's Notes: Been a while since i've written, so I hope you like this

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Title: Afternoon In The Sun
Author: thenarnianqueen
Prompt: Summer
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1134
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Ron lays with Hermione in the garden, in the sun. POST-BATTLE FIC.
Author's Note: Be aware, it's been YONKS since i've written a fic.. i'm so rusty!

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24 June 2009 @ 01:28 am
<b>Title:</b> Post-battle
<b>Prompt:</b> happiness
<b>Rating:</b> PG-13
<b>Word Count:</b> 1 876
<b>Warnings:</b> Sweet Ron!
<b>Notes:</b> Unbetad!

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21 June 2009 @ 03:00 pm
Title: Misconstrued
Author: writerwannabe
Prompt: misunderstanding
Rating: pg-13
Word Count: 1991
Warnings: DH spoilers
Notes: George overhears Ron and Hermione 'behind closed doors'

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08 May 2009 @ 12:39 am
Title: Soothing His Pain, the extended version


Prompt: comfort
Rating: NC-17


Word Count: 1,172

Warnings: just good old-fashioned lovin’

Notes: Hermione heals Ron after a trying mission

Originally published as a 100 word drabble on 




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Ron’s body and spirit were damaged during the strenuous mission; I want to soothe his pain, offer him comfort.  As he stands naked at the window I can see the tension in his body.


I know that I need to soothe his pain, or he’ll never be able to get to sleep and be able to face work the next day.  On the bedside cabinet sits a jar of healing salve I used when he strained a muscle last month.  Of course, I should have thought of that immediately.  I was so distracted by the sight of his naked backside that I couldn’t think straight.


“Come to bed,” I command.  For once he listens to me.


He turns to me and silently crosses the room, I enjoy the view of his naked front as much as I did the back.  I observe the stirring of his manhood and feel myself growing slick in anticipation of administering his cure.


“Lay on your stomach.”  Again he obeys me.  I rather enjoy the feeling of having control over this virile man.


Without a word he lays himself naked before me.  I lift my nightgown and lightly settle myself on his buttocks.  He lets out a low moan as he feels the moisture between my legs against his bare arse.


I reach over to the table and dip my fingers into the cool salve.  I wipe a stripe across the small of his back, soothing the tight muscles.  I lean forward and whisper into his ear, “It’ll feel better soon,” before biting lightly on his lobe.


I repeat my ministrations, rubbing the salve into his back until the tension under his skin returns to a near normal level.  Returning the jar to the table I take a moment to savor the sight before me.  The muscles of his strong, lean back shift as he squirms beneath me.  I know he is trying to find relief from the lust building inside him.  I know, because I feel it too.


I move further back to rest on the back of his thighs.  I remove my nightgown and lightly rake my nails over his arse, enjoying the trail of gooseflesh I leave in their wake, the russet hairs rising to attention.


“How does that feel?”  I ask quietly.


“Brilliant,” he responds, his voice barely above a whisper.


“Turn over.  I’ll make you feel even better.”


I lift myself off his legs only enough for him to turn over.  I shift up so that my center hovers over his throbbing erection.


I ease myself down onto him.


“Ron,” I moan, soothing us both.


I set a slow and steady pace above him.  I take my time, enjoying the sensations he arouses in me.  We have nowhere to be, nothing to do but enjoy each other.


I don’t know what happened on his mission tonight.  He’ll tell me when he’s ready.  There's time for talk later.  Right now all I can do is love him, provide him with some comfort.


His hands are gently caressing my body, his light touch a contrast to the feeling of his hardness inside me.  I brace myself with one hand on his stomach and arch back to put the other on his thigh.  The feeling of him strong and firm beneath my hands brings me close to the edge.  My arching back brings my breasts forward in invitation, which Ron readily accepts.


He sits up quickly, wrapping one arm around me and using the other to massage my breast before taking it into his mouth.  He rolls my nipple between his teeth before sucking with just the right amount of force to send me over the edge I was clinging to.


He slowly lays back against the pillows, allowing me to recover.  He places his hands on my hips and guides me along his shaft, maintaining our slow and sensuous pace.


It constantly amazes me, the different ways we can make love.  We never have to explain to the other what we need, we react with natural instincts.  The love we make tonight is nothing like we did last week on my desk at the Ministry.  He met me in my office for lunch and proceeded to throughly ravish me with his hands, mouth and body; he didn’t even cast a silencing charm before tossing my papers aside and throwing me over my desk.  He took me hard and fast, quieting my moans with his large hand over my mouth.  It was feral and rough and exactly what I needed.


Just as tonight he needs to take things slow; to savor our connection.


I continue riding my husband, gradually increasing my movements.  We move seamlessly together.  His large hand moves from my hip to the small of my back, a subtle indication that he wants me to lean forward.  I love how my body has learned to react to his clues.


I lean forward so Ron can kiss me; that’s how I can tell he’s getting close to finding his release.  He almost never cums without kissing me.  Only if he’s behind me or in my mouth will he forgo cumming with his mouth on mine.


I press my lips to his mouth, taking his warm tongue into mine, sucking gently.  He takes his tongue back and nibbles gently on my lower lip before sucking roughly on it.  Once he releases my mouth I raise myself up slightly to allow him access to my breasts.  He once again takes me into his mouth and to the edge of oblivion.


Ron’s hands have returned to my hips and his grips tightens.  I can feel shivers as his hot breath meets the skin damp of my chest.  He begins moving me quicker and harder, raising himself to meet me on each thrust.  We are moving faster and faster now.  I feel him mumbling incoherently into my breasts and shift to find his mouth.  I meet him in a searing kiss.  He pulls back to look into my eyes and whisper, “I love you,” before capturing my mouth again.  For some reason, maybe the tenderness in his voice or the honesty in his eyes, I find myself tearing up.


No matter what position we may be in, no matter how fast or furious our coupling, Ron has never cum without telling me he loves me.


“I love you,” I tell him, repeating it over and over again until I’m screaming it as I clench around him.  As I shudder, he pulls me into a deep bruising kiss and joins me in climax.


I bury my head in his shoulder, running my hands through his hair as we come back to ourselves.  I revel in the feel of his large strong hands stroking my back and bottom.  I pull back a bit to meet his eyes.  He looks better, less haunted -- more like my Ron.  He gives me a small smile says, “Thank you, I needed that.”


I match his smile and say, “Anytime my love, anytime.”




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Title: Before It's Too Late
Author: thenarnianqueen
Prompt: Heartache
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Hermione is getting married - but not to Ron. What happens when he confesses his feelings for her on her big day.
Warnings: Detailed sex scene. I tried...
Word Count: 2669

Authors Note: Probs just a load of crap but *shrug* I wrote this randomly, and thought i'd find a prompt to link it with on here, so you could see it.

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02 April 2009 @ 07:25 pm
Title: Jealous Ex-Boyfriends
Author: thenarnianqueen
Prompt: Jealousy
Word Count: 1624
Warnings: Swearing!
Summary: Ron finds out Hermione has a new boyfriend, and isn't happy!

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